Studio Policies

As of July 2015

Student and Parental Expected Commitment

Piano in the Home:  Having an appropriate instrument is essential for student growth and progress!  Without a real instrument, students will not be able to develop the proper hand technique, muscle control, or sensitivity to handle the keyboard.  All students are expected to have an acoustic piano (upright or grand) or a high-level digital piano (NOT a keyboard) on which to practice. A digital piano MUST have 88 functioning weighted keys, and at least one pedal (securely fastened to the instrument).  The use of a digital instrument is only permissible during the first 2 years of study.  Obtaining an acoustic instrument as soon as possible is highly recommended for the sake of the student’s technical progress.  Pianos must be maintained and tuned at least once a year by a qualified piano technician.

Student Practice:  In order to progress, students must practice on a consistent basis. For best results, students should practice a minimum of five (5) days a week. Younger students (ages 5 to 13) will need additional parental support and reinforcement when practicing at home. Here are the recommended guidelines for healthy, productive, practice amounts:

If your child takes a 30min lesson, they should practice 20min each day, at least 5 days a week.
… a 45min lesson, 35-45min practice, for 5+ days a week.
… a 1hr lesson, 50min practice, for 5+ days a week.

In addition to practicing, students are expected to come to their weekly lessons prepared with their latest music and assignments.

IMPORTANT: The teacher reserves the right to terminate a student’s enrollment without refund if he/she demonstrates significant unsatisfactory effort, lack of motivation, lack of respect for the material, or disrespect towards the teacher, after a number of warnings have been issued.

Performance Rule: For students 10yrs of age and older, pieces performed at studio recitals must be memorized. For students younger than 10yrs of age, performing from memory is optional, but highly encouraged. Participation in Massachusetts state-wide MMTA or NEPTA events requires all pieces to be performed from memory.

Piano Practice Contest:  For best progress, students must practice on a consistent basis.  To encourage good work, discipline and dedication, the students and parents are advised to participate in the Piano Practice Contest.

For your convenience, you may download and print your own Piano Practice Contest Logs here:   Piano Practice Contest Log_2012

New Students: For beginners or students new to Amy’s teaching, it is mandatory for the family, potential new student, and teacher to participate in a Trial Period. Since the piano lessons are considered a highly customized private education, it is crucial for the families and students involved to determine if this studio, curriculum, style of teaching, and standards will be the right fit for you.

The Trial Period consists of:

  • Total of four (4) trial lessons
  • Tuition for the lessons must be paid on the DAY OF each lesson
  • After completion of the fourth lesson, the family, student and teacher will discuss and evaluate the experience and/or options to continue. Potential factors to evaluate include:
    • Physicality – Is the child is too young? Are their hands big enough to play the piano?
    • Personality – Is the child independent? Are they willing to accept the new teacher and the proscribed teaching style?
    • Mentality – What kind of music education does the family and student desire? What are the student’s interests and goals? What kind of music do they want to learn?

Rescheduling Process – The “Switch Buddy” System: During the school year, students are allowed two make-up classes, however, more conflicts or obligations may arise. Families may participate in the “Switch Buddy” system. Students will be able to contact one another directly to request a switch of lesson times for that week. Once a lesson switch has been confirmed, the students must inform the teacher of the updated schedule. Contact information will not be released without prior consent. Participation may vary.

All tuition, fees and schedules are subject to change at any time.

Please understand that the teacher reserves the right to cancel or dismiss any student who does not follow the recommended guidelines, or whose parent does not prescribe to the studio policies and fees.