NPR: Getting Kids to Practice

Here is another great article from NPR’s Deceptive Cadence, about the joys and difficulties of getting your child to practice:
Getting Kids To Practice Music — Without Tears or Tantrums

At Amy’s Piano Studio, most students are able to participate in the Piano Practice Contest, where we set weekly goals for the students to achieve.  A student’s success is heavily dependent on the teacher and parents’ support.  Routine practicing, discipline, and motivation, are all factors that the child cannot develop on their own.  As a teacher, I like to guide my students in the appropriate direction, and set reasonable goals for them to achieve.  However, I only see my students once a week for their lessons.  Without parental support at home, students will not be able to realize their full potential.
With the proper guidance and reinforcement at home, students will not only progress with their instrument, but also develop more confidence in their regular education and every day life.

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