Article about Make-Up Lessons

For everyone that is enrolled in music lessons, this is a great article to read about attendance policies:
Make-up Lessons From An Economist’s Point of View

Far too often, teachers bend over backwards to cater towards serving the families and students.  On the other hand, teachers may fear handing out studio policies to families, fear of intimidating them with so many “rules.”  At private music lessons, students receive an incredible amount of focused attention, much more than they do in the classroom.  When a student is sick from public school, they do not get a make-up day.  Instead, they just have to catch up and keep up with the material.  The appropriate approach is to realize that music lessons, taken privately at a teacher’s home or at a music school, should be considered as a private, highly customized, education for children, and that lessons are to be treated with the same mindset as regular school-year policies.

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